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David Beckham

David Beckham rose to prominence throughout his successful career as a footballer and model. David has played for globally recognised football teams including Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and the England national team, where he earned 58 caps during his six years as captain. David’s fame extends beyond the football pitch, with him having worked closely with a variety of fashion brands, making him one of the most recognisable athletes in the world. David has collaborated with some of the highest-profile companies and brands around the world including H&M, Armani, Adidas, Samsung and Diet Coke. Explore David Beckham’s page with LETUSFINDIT to shop his greatest styles!

David Beckham walking in Los Angeles 12/01/2016 Source: Fameflynet
David Beckham travelling to New York City 29/01/2016 Source: xposrurephotos
David Beckham returning to London 02/10/2015 Source: Just Jared
David Beckham visiting Malibu 20/04/2015 Source: xposurephotos
David Beckham walking in New York City 27/05/2015 Source: wearitlikebeckham
David Beckham visiting Asia 17/11/2014 Source: wearitlikebeckham
David Beckham visiting London 21/11/2014 Source: wearitlikebeckham
David Beckham attending Brit Awards London 29/09/2015 Source: GQ
David Beckham walking in Los Angeles 07/02/2016 Source: Pinterest
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