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Italy (destination)

Italy is world renowned for many thing's Fashion, Food and Fantastic holiday destinations among them. Milan is considered one of the four world leading cities for fashion; along with London, Paris and New York. People travel from all over the world to sample the vast array of high quality resturants and eatires. Italy also boasts a number of world renowned tourist attractions such as the; Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Colloseum, Trevi fountain and the Sorrentein Peninsula. Rome, Italy's capitol also surrounds Vatigan City the city state that is the headquaters of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), the home of the Pope. Explore Italy's page witth LETUSFINDIT and shop the countries latest fashion, enjoy it's world renowned food and visit it's classic holiday destinations.

Elvin out in Rome, Italy 14/08/2017
Sandra out off the shore of Lago Di Garda, Italy 14/08/2017
Claudia out in Polignano a Mare, Italy 14/08/2017
Fabrizio out Visiting the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy 14/08/2017
Rachel out sight seeing in Dolceacqua, Italy 14/08/2017
Beata out Walking Through Milan, Italy 14/08/2017
Christy out Sight Seeing and visiting the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy 14/08/2017
May Ann out taking a Gondola ride in Venice, Italy 14/08/2017
Jessica at the Swimming Pool in Rome, Italy 14/08/2017
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